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Stringing a Sentence | To-Gather


PUBLIC MAKING | Project Documentation & Reflection (5)

Vocal Booth created by: Jianfeng Lin, Yanling Xu, Jiayu Ye, Adam Denton Preparation and Decisions: In our initial proposal, we expressed the wish to install a live-mic’d interactive sonic environment that would invite and entice those visiting the Star and Shadow Cinema for the Late Shows event to spatially and vocally engage with and disrupt …

PUBLIC MAKING Seminar notes & reflections (4) | Blair’s Drying Dream

In Claire Bishop’s book Artificial Hells, the writer and curator states that: ” As Roland Barthes reminded us in 1968, authorships (of all kinds) are multiple and continually indebted to others. What matters are the ideas, experiences and possibilities that result from these interactions” I have written in earlier blogs about agency and co-authorship relating …

PUBLIC MAKING: Project Research & Development (2)

“The term “public” signifies two closely interrelated but not altogether identical phenomena: It means first, that everything that appears in public can be seen and heard by everybody and has the widest possible publicity. For us, appearance – something that is being seen and heard by others as well as ourselves- constitutes reality. Compared with …